Project at a Glance
  • Whitman’s construction division ToBar Inc. completed turnkey soil remediation for a project in Woodbridge, NJ
  • The project included the disposal of over 8,000 tons of chlorinated solvent and lead impacted hazardous soil waste.
  • Despite the extreme weather conditions during the spring of 2014, this large scale remediation project was completed on time and on budget.
Key Words

Hazardous soil waste, Woodbridge, remediation, excavation, construction, AOC, NJDEP, GWQS, environmental engineering, civil engineering


Whitman’s construction division, ToBar, Inc., completed a turnkey hazardous waste soil remediation project in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The project entailed removal and disposal of over 8,000 tons of chlorinated solvent and lead impacted hazardous soil waste during the spring of 2014. The effort led to a no further action recommendation for the soils at this specific Area of Concern (AOC) at the site which was required to remediate upon triggering the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA). A recommendation for a Response Action Outcome (RAO) was also provided for shallow site ground water at the AOC since the source removal also resulted in post-excavation ground water levels that now meet the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)’s Class IIA Ground Water Quality Standards (GWQS).

Whitman’s environmental professional engineering staff successfully delineated the extent of the impact vertically and horizontally. The engineering staff specified soil excavation/removal requirements and developed structural excavation support techniques and in the field dewatering requirements for the shallow ground water table under the difficult conditions encountered during the unprecedented rainfall events.

Whitman provided cost savings for the project client through the identification of alternative hazardous waste disposal facilities.

All local county permitting and NJDEP permitting to implement the project was completed in-house by Whitman’s professional civil and environmental engineering staff.

ToBar, Inc. provided and procured the necessary labor, equipment and materials to complete this large scale remediation project on time and on budget, even under the extreme weather conditions encountered.

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