Project at a Glance
  • Whitman provided structural, fire protection, plumbing, mechanical and electrical engineering design services for the new headquarters office fitout of an international fragrance company.
  • The new headquarters building features a 35,000 ft2 office area, 26,000 ft2 production room area and 160,000ft2 warehouse area.
  • This building was renovated from an old manufacturing and process building and customized for the tenants use.
  • The building owner performed a complete interior demolition of all existing building attributes leaving only a shell, which is where Whitman’s design began.
  • All visible aspects of the project were carefully coordinated with the project architect.
Project Size
  • Area: 221,000 ft2
Key Words

Fragrance company, mechanical engineering, renovation, demolition, fire protection, plumbing engineering, electrical engineering


Structural Engineering Design

Whitman provided design drawings to show new supplementary supports for new rooftop mechanical equipment, as well as new openings in existing masonry walls necessitated by an elaborate architectural design. Whitman coordinated with the mechanical design and the existing building structure and roof construction and provided the appropriate details required for construction

Fire Protection Design

The fire protection design was completed via a performance specification that included the relevant details and information. The design was started at the incoming fire service for the project area.

Plumbing Engineering Design

The plumbing engineering design was comprised of providing a new water service distribution system for the office area. This included domestic water distribution to bathrooms, showers, cafeteria areas and laboratories. The design also included new connections to the building’s existing sanitary system, as well as gas piping and mechanical equipment.

Mechanical Engineering Design

The mechanical engineering design was completed in coordination with a project energy modeling firm to achieve a desired energy savings threshold so that the building tenant could apply for tax credits. The design consisted of single-zone rooftop air handling units for the cafeteria areas, energy recovery units for the office areas and locker rooms ventilation, and variable refrigerant flow above-ceiling air conditioning units for the primary heating and cooling requirements of the office areas. Dedicated rooftop units were designed to supply conditioned air to the laboratories.

Electrical Engineering Design

The electrical design was comprised of providing a new main electrical feeder from the building’s existing substation, distribution panels, transformers and circuiting. The design included power for the new plumbing and mechanical systems as well as typical building power and laboratory equipment. Occupancy sensors were included in the design in the appropriate areas. A new fire alarm system was provided for the office area and coordinated with the native building fire alarm system.

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