Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Our Purpose

    Creating a sustainable world.

  • Our Vision

    We will provide professional environmental and engineering services by applying our core values –teamwork, knowledge, innovation, integrity and positive attitude– to the benefit of our clients and stakeholders.

  • Our Mission

    We will invest in, train and develop our staff to achieve their greatest personal and professional potentials, while maintaining a culture of respect, passion and professionalism that is apparent in everything we do.

  • Our Culture

    We will create a positive and rewarding atmosphere within our firm to inspire the knowledge, growth, skills and creativity of our people.


Strong partnerships inside and outside the office are critical to our success. We are committed to promoting teamwork at every level of our environmental engineering organization. We work together in a cooperative manner to meet our goals and are always looking for more efficient and effective ways to collaborate with each other, our clients and business partners.



We are eager to learn and share information among colleagues and clients. We relentlessly pursue new ideas and innovative environmental engineering solutions, and are always on the cutting edge of the latest developments and regulatory changes in the industry. We share our knowledge with our clients to make them better at what they do.


We seek and apply new ideas and approaches to complex environmental engineering problems. We strive to provide better solutions to our clients by discovering new ways to deliver our services that are truly different and inspiring.


We adhere to the highest principles of ethical conduct. This extends from our day-to-day professional conduct to our commitment to environmental and social responsibility.We match our behaviors to our words and take accountability for our actions.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude generates initiative to get the job done and motivates others to do the same. We strive to maintain a positive, productive environment where we take pride in our work and care about our relationships with our colleagues, clients and partners. We are passionate about environmental engineering and want to share that passion with our community